LibSnert, BarricadeMX, Roundhouse now on GitHub.

Maintaining and publishing classic tarball updates for all of SnertSoft’s projects has been difficult over time as real-life time issues come to bare. As a result I’ve started pushing to GitHub my personally treasured repositories with complete unaltered comments, warts and all. While some might have my commercial license in the repo. that should be corrected in coming days to an open source friendly once they are pushed or updated.

Currently the latest versions of

  • Roundhouse 0.9.0 – Several fixes and additions since 0.6.1 (which was a crap release on my part). This one works and tested by a 3rd party.
  • BarricadeMX – The all-in-one SMTP filtering proxy. If you use BMX, you don’t need milters. It can also front any SMTP server that doesn’t support milters, like Exchange (barf), Exim, Qmail, Postfix, Sendmail, etc.
  • LibSnert – The support library used by BarricadeMX, Roundhouse, and my milters.

The milters should follow in coming weeks.

Overdue fixes for libsnert and some milters.

Over the summer some build issues were reported due to external dependency changes for libsnert, which had a knock on effect for the milters. I’ve finally got around to publishing the first batch of updates:


Others will be addressed in the next few days.

milter-gris 0.25.0

Some changes made to LibSnert 1.75.56 build process had not been applied to milter-gris. This release fixes that.  Thanks to Dale de Longpre for raising the issue.

LibSnert 1.75.52 Update

There was a bug in the socket3 API that impacts milter-spamc and possible others that must be applied to ensure correct socket communication. In addition the TLD lists have been updated which is of primary concern for milter-link.